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Using the right lighting and the angle for your portrait.

Learn how to get the right light and the right angle on your portraits. I have been a pro photographer for over 25 years, But I can always learn something new from others. With the internet, there are so many free videos that you can watch and learn from. There are many ways that you can light your subject. Everyone has their way to do something. You can use part of someone else's way and add it to the way you like to do it. I am sure that many people wouldn't like the way I set up this photo, but how could you not love a beautiful image of a beautiful lady. I don't think that anything you come up with is wrong. That's what makes it so great. Not everyone sees things the same way. So just have fun and try your best, Also, if the person that you have taken the photograph of love's it, I feel that this is all that matters. Always think outside the box and try something new. Good luck and just have fun.

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